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Xylome Corporation

Thomas Kelleher | CEO
P: 805-603-9736

Xylome is a private research and development organization specializing in biochemicals, enzymes and unique yeasts that can benefit the bio-refinery aspirations of our ethanol producer clients.

. . read more

IBiocat, Inc.

Charles Abbas | Founder & CTO
P: 217-412-8096

Provide research support to ethanol producers for both corn wet/dry mill ethanol as well as to other ethanol producers from starch and non-starch feedstocks including alternative feedstocks. Over 30 y . . read more

ICM, Inc.

Jeff Scharping | Director of Sales & Marketing
P: 316-796-0900

ICM, Inc., puts its energy into sustaining agriculture through innovation and developing new technologies that will support the renewable fuels industry. The full-service provider offers a comprehe . . read more