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Buhler Technologies, LLC

Terrence Keegan | Technical Sales Manager
P: 440-879-6360

Elementar Americas, Inc.

Sarah Rose | Marketing Coordinator
P: 856-661-7708

Elementar is the world’s leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation measuring carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen, oxygen, or chlorine in organic and most inorganic materials.

HORIBA Instruments

Carol Madden | Senior Marketing Specialist
P: 800-446-7422

HORIBA is the world's leading manufacturers and supplier of ASTM compliant Sulfur and Nitrogen Analyzers for the hydrocarbon industry. HORIBA's SLFA EDXRF and XPLORER Combustion Analyzer Products a . . read more

Keit Spectrometers

Marisa Goodenough | Marketing & Communications Manager
P: 441235431260

Keit provides rugged technology for in-line process monitoring of ethanol. Certified safe for use in hazardous environment, the IRmadillo is an in situ process spectrometer. The instrument measures . . read more

MRU Instruments

John Bickers | Vice President of Business Development
P: 832-230-0155 | F: 832-230-1553

Providing innovative handheld, portable and stationary measuring solutions for combustion, emissions, and gas analytics for over 30 years, MRU's instruments are designed and manufactured in Germany . . read more

Perten Instruments/PerkinElmer

Wes Shadow | Business Development & Marketing Manager
P: 217-585-9440 | F: 217-585-9441

For over 50 years Perten has been a leading supplier of advanced analytical instruments to the food and agricultural industries. We serve some of the largest companies as well as smaller specialize . . read more

Siemens Industry, Inc. (Analytical Products & Solutions)

P: 713-939-7400 | F: 713-939-3292

Siemens is a leading provider of process analyzers and process analysis systems. We offer customers the best possible solutions for their applications based on innovative analysis, technologies, cu . . read more

Stover Controls

James Graefe | Sales Manager
P: 641-844-5185

Stover Controls is a leader in process control automation. We have been committed for over 75 years to helping our clients run at PEAK UPTIME, which means we provide a qualified team of experts our cu . . read more