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Interra Global Corp

Jay Skiersch | Business Development
P: 847-292-8600

Interra Global Corp is the leading provider of molecular sieve for dehydrating ethanol. mSORB EDG® is the drying method of choice for fuel ethanol producers.


Michael Schneider | Technical Service Mgr.
P: 502-634-7600 | F: 502-634-8133

Molecular Sieve Manufacturer for Ethanol Dehydration

ICM, inc.

Customer Service |
P: 877-745-8588 | F: 316-796-0570

ICM, Inc., puts its energy into sustaining agriculture through innovation and developing new technologies that will support the renewable fuels industry. Their proprietary, ethanol process technology . . read more

PRAJ Industries Limited

Mr. Jayant Godbole | Executive Vice President
P: 0014025166560 | F: 0012813726391

What started off as an entrepreneurial venture three decades ago is considered to be India’s most successful biofuels Company, taking biobased technologies from India to the World. Today, Praj offer . . read more

Vogelbusch USA, Inc.

Daniel Mahon | Vice President
P: 713-461-7374

Vogelbusch, founded in Austria in 1921, is known worldwide for its expertise for production of ethanol from grain starches and sugars, biotechnology, continuous fermentation, distillation, and energy . . read more