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Markleys Precision Company, LLC

Kline Markley | Owner
P: 330-366-6922

We are a tried & true Cleveland-based dustless blasting company which upholds a reputation for producing spectacular transformations for tanks of any shape and size...​ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES. . . read more

Painters USA, Inc.

Craig Nichols | Director of Marketing
P: 800-999-8715 | F: 630-653-8744

For over 40 years, Painters USA has provided rust & corrosion control on tanks, piping, pipe racks, and all other metal infrastructure. Our industrial cleaning division uses mold inhibiting pro . . read more

Snow White Services, Inc.

Andrew Robertson | Vice President of Coatings & Linings
P: 765-430-6989 | F: 317-462-8119

We are an Industrial Cleaning, Blasting & Coatings Contractor. Specializing in Hydroblasting, Ice Blasting, Soda Blasting and general Abrasive Blasting including Vapor Blasting (93%) dust free. Our Co . . read more