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HK Instrument Systems

Charles Ferrin | President & Sr. Engineer
P: 412-653-7717 | F: 412-291-1245

HK Instrument Systems is an Engineering firm that provides process control equipment to Ethanol manufacturers in the US, Canada and parts of Mexico. HK's Total Solids Meter is accurate, reliable an . . read more

Keit Spectrometers

Jim Rutherford | Sales Director
P: 441235567176

Keit provides rugged technology for in-line process monitoring of ethanol. The IRmadillo FTIR spectrometer uses the power of mid-infrared with solid-state design to enable real-time reaction analysis. . . read more

R.S. Stover

Paul Seberger | Sales Operations Manager
P: 641-844-5183

For more than 75 years, R.S. Stover has been your quality source for process control solutions. With expertise in control valves, regulators, isolation valves, tank protection, analytical and relia . . read more

Schneider Electric-Square D

Jack Creamer | Segment Manager
P: 919-949-3018

Square D is a supplier of Automation and controls to help optimize Fuel Oil equipment operations

Siemens Process Instrumentation & Automation

Jonas Norinder | Business Development Manager
P: 631-336-9634

With broad process industry and deep technology experience, Siemens Process Instrumentation and Automation is a global market leader in measurement and control systems. Siemens offers an unrivaled . . read more