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Archangel, Inc.

Allen Ziegler | CEO
P: 877-453-0940

Archangel is a leading producer of antimicrobials for the biofuel, food processing and agriculture industries.Archangel specializes in both antibiotic and proprietary antibiotic free technologies w . . read more


Missy Abbott | North America Marketing Communications Leader
P: 314-659-3564

By increasing yields, speeding up fermentation, reducing energy and chemical consumption, DuPont is helping ethanol producers meet the challenges of creating a secure renewable energy pipeline with . . read more

Hydrite Chemical Co.

Judy Allen | Marketing Manager
P: 262-792-1450 | F: 262-792-8721

The Hydri-Maize product line, available from Hydrite Chemical Co., helps ethanol produces solve their unique challenges with creative chemical solutions. With products including corn extraction aid . . read more

Mist Chemical & Supply Co.

Steven Berkowitz | President
P: 847-912-8384

Consultants & Chemical Distributer of CIP Additives, Antibiotic Free Fermentation Process Optimization

Phibro Ethanol Performance Group

Steve Rust | Director of Industry Relations
P: 402-297-5839

The Ethanol Performance Group (EPG) was created to have a qualified staff with the highest quality products for ethanol production. The sale of the products are then supported by a technical team & . . read more

BetaTec Hop Products, Inc.

Jason Lanham | Director of Ethanol Sales & Marketing
P: 937-239-0685

Control bacteria and enhance yeast health with our naturally derived hops acids & liquid yeast nutrients. BetaTec® Hop Products, Inc. is the application arm of the Barth-Haas Group, world's larges . . read more

Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits

Craig Pilgrim | Vice President of Marketing & Product Development
P: 678-474-4590

Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits (LBDS) is proud to be a value-creating partner to fuel, distilled beverage and industrial alcohol producers Our market-leading product line-including yeas . . read more

Nucleus AG & Bio-Products

Brianah Blomgren | CFO
P: 651-307-9715 | F: 866-662-0808

Fermentation Anti-microbials, Yeast, Enzymes, Nutrients, DDGS Flow Agents

Serquímica Ind. Com. Importação Exportação Produtos Químicos, Ltda.

Breno Sebastião |
P: 5516992622244

Chemical company specialized in sugar cane industries, additives to produce ethanol and sugar with high efficiency and innovation process. Leader in sugar clarifications systems with a innovative p . . read more

Solenis, LLC

Andrew Ledlie | Marketing Manager
P: 289-682-8025

Solenis is a leading global supplier and innovator of process and water treatment chemistries for the fuel ethanol industry. Solenis’ product portfolio includes novel FDA-approved chemistries . . read more

Success Group, Inc.

Kenneth Kay | President
P: 406-721-7465

Manufactures/Licensing of broad-based aqueous antimicrobial suitable for Water-Cooling (Legionella) and anti-biotics replacement in fermentation processes.