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AB Biotek

Greg Strauss | Senior Vice President
P: 314-392-0800


Kelly Hawkinson | Marketing & Sales Director
P: 847-214-3845 | F: 847-214-3845

Innovation is at the core of our business with over 100 years of experience in research, development and production of biotechnology including high performing yeast strains. We strive to deliver un . . read more

DuPont Industrial Biosciences

Missy Abbott | North America Marketing Communications Leader
P: 314-659-3564

By increasing yields, speeding up fermentation, reducing energy and chemical consumption, DuPont Industrial Biosciences is helping ethanol producers meet the challenges of creating a secure renewab . . read more


Marcelo Maral | CEO
P: 552135291649

GlobalYeast is a Belgian-Brazilian biotechnology startup focused on developing and deploying products and solutions for the fermentation industry. Our unique insight into fermentation is based on s . . read more

Hydrite Chemical Co.

Judy Allen | Marketing Manager
P: 262-792-1450 | F: 262-792-8721

Hydrite Chemical Co. manufactures a broad range of chemical products for agricultural applications.Hydrite is a Midwest based producer and supplier of ammonium thiosulfate, low salt starters, liqui . . read more

Phibro Ethanol Performance Group

Steve Rust | Director of Industry Relations
P: 402-297-5839

The Ethanol Performance Group (EPG) was created to have a qualified staff with the highest quality products for ethanol production. The sale of the products are then supported by a technical team & . . read more

Taurus Energy AB

Eddy Christensson | COO, Minnesota Office
P: 9529260100

Taurus Energy AB is among the recognized world leaders in pentose fermentation technology, working in close collaboration with researchers from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg and t . . read more

Xylome Corporation

Thomas Kelleher | CEO
P: 805-603-9736

Xylome is a private research and development organization specializing in biochemicals, enzymes and unique yeasts that can benefit the bio-refinery aspirations of our ethanol producer clients.

. . read more

Terranol A/S

Ole Sibbesen | CSO
P: 4548444844

Terranol is a C5/C6 yeast development company, aiming at out licensing a robust and easy to handle yeast strain for cellulosic ethanol production.We can provide a top performing C5/C6 yeast strain . . read more

Xylogenics, Inc.

Kathryn Houin | Vice President of Operations
P: 313-530-9596

Xylogenics designs microorganisms to produce a variety of yeast strains with applications in bio-based chemical production. Our corporate vision and business objective is focused on implementing ou . . read more