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EBM Manufacturing

P: 887-370-4948
F: 402-371-9117

Mailing Address:
1014 Sherwood Road, Suite 200
Norfolk, NE 68701

Company Contact:
Tiffany Palmer
Sales & Marketing Manager

EBM Manufacturing fabricates the Gentle Roll™. The Gentle Roll utlizes a rotary drum to sift, scalp, sort, or clean. Known for its quality, efficiency, and reliability, it has gained a reputation unmatched by the competition.

The Gentle Roll is used predominantly in the grain, feed pellet, wood pellet, pet food, salt, and edible bean industries, but has proven successful in other applications such as fertilizer, mineral, rubber, and range cubes, just to name a few.

Its time-proven reliability and quality make the Gentle Roll™ the perfect solution for all your product screening needs.