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Hengye, Inc.

P: 844-308-3271

Mailing Address:
11999 Katy Fwy, Suite 588
Houston, TX 77079

Company Contact:
Mark Binns
Technical Business Director

Hengye, Inc. is here to bring you the products and solutions you’ve been looking for. As the manufacturer of molecular sieve, activated alumina, and catalysts, our focus is bringing a successful operation to our users and ensuring that our products meet market demands.

For many applications, we have specialized products that are designed to optimize and maximize efficiency and productivity. Our products are always backed by a skilled team of technical advisors and engineers, so you’ll always have the full support of Hengye Inc. Our technical staff offers custom design work for bed sizing designs for both PSA and TSA units. We also help with designs for desiccant tower vessel.