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Rayeman Elements, Inc.

P: 970-344-4776

Mailing Address:
320 Gateway Drive
Berthoud, CO 80513

Company Contact:
Samantha Western
President & CEO

Rayeman Elements is a company driven to find economical solutions to the waste industry, as well as other byproducts that are handled amidst the trade and manufacturing industries.

Rayeman Elements' equipment set up is one of a kind, integrating innovative design and groundbreaking technology, increasing profit margins with every startup, and designed to be used at ethanol or manufacturing plants.

The patented Rayeman Compression Dryer is a crucial element in the setup, offering a multi-functional solution to the production of both DDG and WDG.

Based out of Colorado, Rayeman Elements has an extensive patent portfolio, has worldwide potential and is excited to grow their solutions for industries across the world.