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Arnold Company

Scott Dressler | Director of Sales & Operations
P: 618-224-7505 | F: 618-224-7005

Arnold Company is the proud manufacturer of the Door Demon® family of products. With a heavy focus on improving safety and productivity in material handling, Arnold Company offers the largest s . . read more

Calbrandt, Inc.

Jim Steen | President
P: 763-972-8888

Calbrandt is a world leader in the design and manufacture of foundation or rail tie mounted "automated electro/hydraulic/mechanical systems" including Railcar Movers, Railcar Gate Openers, and Rail . . read more

Mustang Equipment

Eric Meyer | President
P: 314-270-4000

Mustang Equipment offers a complete line of hopper car gate openers including electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and battery operated units. Do you need something special? Mustang Equipment has the eng . . read more


Bob Braun | Sales Director
P: 267-350-2809

WORKMASTER® is a manufacturer of labor savings bulk material handling tools to help safely and efficiently unload, transport, store and process bulk solids from hopper bottom railcars, bulk tra . . read more