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Dürr Systems, Inc.

CTS Sales |
P: 920-336-5715

Dürr Systems, Inc. is a global supplier of turnkey, multi-pollutant, clean air solutions that meet stringent emissions regulations, improve process performance, and protect downstream equipmen . . read more

Kono Kogs, Inc.

Chuck Heikkila | Sales Manager
P: 920-432-2699 | F: 920-694-0920

World's leading supplier of refurbished & warranted Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO) specializing in field rebuilds and repairs. Kono Kogs is the ethanol producer's preferred partner for ma . . read more

Montrose Environmental Group

Blake Ericson | Business Development
P: 586-242-3599

Regardless of the size or complexity, Montrose has a qualified professional for any environmental testing program. We are dedicated to our customers and thank them for their continued support.

. . read more

Nestec, Inc.

James Nester | CEO
P: 215-565-6189 | F: 610-323-7672

NESTEC is a leading supplier of air emission control systems for all types of dryer systems, load out and fermentation column emissions. NESTEC technologies include regenerative thermal and catalyt . . read more

Oxidizers, Inc.

Anthony (Tony) King | Director of Business Development
P: 951-751-7638

Oxidizers, Inc. is an old school, blue-collar provider of preventative maintenance services, parts and new equipment for air pollution control. From initial design to construction to installation t . . read more

Zenviro Tech US, Inc.

Ryan Murray | Sales Manager
P: 815-676-3176

Zenviro Tech’s Air Abatement Systems are specifically designed to deliver constant reliable uptime. With more than 450 RTOs worldwide and over 100 VRTOs in the US Ethanol industry, Zenviro Te . . read more

CECO Adwest Technologies

Brian Cannon | Vice President of Sales
P: 716-474-9462

CECO ADWEST has installed over 1200 RTO Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers for cost effective VOC Control from Ethanol Processing. Adwest RTOs are available from 1,000 to over 300,000 scfm flow rates . . read more

Gulf Coast Environmental Systems LLC

Paulo Oliveira | Director of Sales & Marketing
P: 832-476-9024

Gulf Coast Environmental Systems is an environmental abatement solutions provider offering unique waste to energy options. Gulf Coast Environmental Systems provides Industrial Air Pollution Control . . read more

Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc.

James Kuzara | Sales Manager
P: 562-997-0233

Ship & Shore Environmental is your complete source for industrial air pollution capture and control as well as heat and energy recovery systems custom designed to fit your ethanol industry oper . . read more

The CMM Group

Mary Van Vonderen | Marketing Manager
P: 920-336-9800

The CMM Group designs, engineers, manufactures and installs air pollution control systems for VOC emissions and odor control, industrial wastewater treatment systems including evaporators and cryst . . read more

TRACE Environmental Systems

Jim Toolen | Sales & Business Development
P: 973-383-3550

Trace Environmental provides a fully compliant suite of products and services for the continuous emissions monitoring market. We design and integrate custom Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems . . read more