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Alliance Technical Group, LLC

Scott Williams | Chief Revenue Officer
P: 256-351-0121

Alliance is the leading provider of source testing, emissions monitoring, and analytical services to customers throughout the United States.

Zenviro Tech, Inc.

John McDowell | Sales Engineer
P: 815-382-1152

Zenvrio Tech’s Air Abatement Systems are specifically designed to deliver constant reliable uptime. With more than 450 RTOs worldwide and over 100 VRTOs in the US Ethanol industry, Zenviro Te . . read more

Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Kevin Summ | Director of Marketing
P: 414-365-6400

Anguil provides highly engineered, environmental equipment and service solutions that help solve complex industrial air and water challenges across the globe. From thermal and catalytic oxidizers f . . read more

CECO Adwest, CECO Industrial Solutions, Inc.

Brian Cannon | Vice President of Sales
P: 716-474-9462

CECO ADWEST has installed over 1200 RTO Regenerative Thermal oxidizers since 1988 for cost effective VOC Abatement. We can provide 2,3,5,7 and 9 Tower RTO systems for Ethanol, Biofuels, Ingredient . . read more

Ship & Shore Environmental

Jim Kuzara | Sales Manager
P: 562-997-0233

Ship & Shore Environmental is your complete source for industrial air pollution capture and control as well as heat and energy recovery systems custom designed to fit your ethanol industry oper . . read more

Thermal Kinetics

Thomas Burkholder | Evaporation/Distillation Product Manager
P: 716-264-4908

Thermal Kinetics is at the forefront of new techniques and technologies in separations and chemical processing, including distillation, dehydration and evaporation and has been providing full-servi . . read more

Turner EnviroLogic

Tom Turner | President
P: 954-422-9787 | F: 818-561-3515

Air pollution control systems and components, including scrubbers, thermal oxidizers, RTO's, stacks, dampers, expansion joints, CEMs and SCR's.Supplying from components to turn-key systems for40 ye . . read more