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Dedert Corporation

Kosta Kanellis | Sales Manager
P: 708-747-7000

Biofuels are renewable sources of energy generated from biomass such as agri-crops, forest residue, by-products, or waste. As the global need for alternatives to fossil fuels increases, the biofuel . . read more

Separator Technology Solutions US, Inc.

Ashley Whittington | CEO/President
P: 559-253-3699

STS series high speed disk centrifuges.

After-market parts & service for GEA high-speed disk centrifuges, from our west coast or mid-west locations

Trucent, Inc.

Tara Vigil | Vice President of Bioprocess & Advanced Separation
P: 877-280-7212

Trucent helps North American Dry-Grind Ethanol Producers maximize and stabilize their corn oil extraction yields. We believe that corn oil extraction is critical for the future of ethanol and is no . . read more

GEA North America

Keith Funsch | Sales Director
P: 201-767-3900

GEA manufactures disk stack centrifuges and decanter centrifuges for ethanol production and its associated industries, e.g., corn oil production. We also service all of our equipment via two U.S. c . . read more

Sentrimax Centrifuges, Inc.

Jeff Johannson | General Manager of the South Region
P: 844-327-6332 | F: 817-453-8117

At Sentrimax, we’re proud of our history and experience in the service and repair of centrifuges for the Ethanol industry. Our vertically integrated machine shop operations in both the United . . read more