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Fluid Quip Technologies

Keith Jakel | Director of Sales & Marketing
P: 319-320-7709

Fluid Quip Technologies, LLC brings over 25 years of experience in corn wet/dry milling, ethanol and ag processing industries to provide value to customers around the world. FQT provides fully inte . . read more

Merrick & Company

Chris Biondolilo | Director of Bioprocessing
P: 303-803-0133

We create Bio Solutions to Better Our World by serving innovators in the biofuels, advanced proteins, and RNG markets. A leader in bioprocessing, Merrick provides multi-discipline services from FEL . . read more

Caloris Engineering

Bruce Skinner | Sales Manager
P: 410-822-6900

A supplier of evaporation, membrane filtration and drying solutions for the food, beverage, ethanol and industrial wastewater industries.

Interstates, Inc.

Seth Vis | Business Development Manager
P: 712-722-1662

Interstates offers electrical & instrumentation construction, electrical engineering, and control systems services. For seventy years, we have tackled complex challenges and developed innovativ . . read more

McCormick Construction Co.

Dave Utzinger | Director of Business Development
P: 763-477-4774 | F: 763-477-5174

McCormick Construction has strategically served the Agricultural, Industrial, and Renewable Energy industries with a variety of services and innovative solutions.McC, Inc. is an industrial construc . . read more

Modular Energy Solutions

Chuck Nolan | Research & Development in Emerging Technologies
P: 408-483-5922

We are the startup failure busters. If you hate your investors and wish to squander their investment don't call us, we will ruin your revenge. If you really care more about the potential beneficiar . . read more

Pond & Company

Ron Pagel | Sr. Account Manager
P: 920-841-3286

Established in 1965 Pond is one of the largest Engineering Firms in Georgia. Pond is a recognized Industrial Market leader of full-service Planning, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Serv . . read more

RCM Engineering-Thermal Kinetics

Marcos Filgueiras | Vice President of Business Development & Marketing
P: 716-264-4908

RCM Engineering - Thermal Kinetics is at the forefront of new techniques and technologies in separations and chemical processing, including distillation, dehydration and evaporation and has been pr . . read more

Strobel Companies

Larry Myers | Client Development
P: 308-624-4999

Strobel Companies provides EPC services through Strobel Energy Group, fabrication through Strobel Fabrication and fuel transport/transloading services through Strobel Energy Logistics.

Stro . . read more


Vlad Dain | Partner
P: 763-587-7324

VAA is a nationally recognized engineering, planning and design firm with more than four decades of expertise and a highly specialized skill set. From bulk commodity-handling facilities to manufact . . read more