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Fluid Quip Technologies

Keith Jakel | Director of Sales & Marketing
P: 319-320-7709

Fluid Quip Technologies, LLC brings over 25 years of experience in corn wet/dry milling, ethanol and ag processing industries to provide value to customers around the world. FQT provides fully inte . . read more

ICM, Inc.

Adriana Albornoz | Director of Marketing & Communications
P: 316-796-0900 | F: 316-796-0570

ICM is a global leader in the biofuels industry with roots in the farming community. Since 1995, ICM has focused on innovating and developing new technologies to support the production of renewable . . read more

KATZEN International, Inc.

Robert Eickelberger | Vice President of Business Operations
P: 513-351-7500 | F: 513-351-0810

Since 1955, KATZEN has been recognized as the leader in process technology, plant design and consulting engineering for the biofuels/biochemical industries. Our customized solutions and robust plan . . read more

Merrick & Company

Chris Biondolilo | Director of Bioprocessing
P: 303-803-0133

We create Bio Solutions to Better Our World by serving innovators in the biofuels, advanced proteins, and RNG markets. A leader in bioprocessing, Merrick provides multi-discipline services from FEL . . read more

Praj Industries Ltd.

Shrikant Rathi | Executive Director
P: 832-837-2075

Praj, India’s most accomplished industrial biotechnology company is focused on the environment, energy, and agri-process industry. Bio-Mobility ™ and Bio-Prism (TM) are the mainstays of . . read more

Saola Energy LLC

Adam Belyamani | Chief Operating Officer
P: 316-413-3345 | F: 316-413-3346

Saola Energy is a Technology and Service company serving the biofuels industry. We provide cost effective solutions for improving efficiency, reducing carbon footprint, increasing production capaci . . read more

Sustainable Technology Corporation

Frank Liotta | Executive Vice President & COO
P: 609-919-0204

Sustainable Technology Corporation, a subsidiary of Petron Scientech, with headquarters in Princeton, NJ, USA, offers ecological and sustainable technologies for the biofuels and chemicals markets, . . read more

Whitefox Technologies

Paul Kamp | Vice President of Business Development
P: 773-583-5923 | F: 403-592-6889

Whitefox is a leading provider of membrane-based solutions to the ethanol industry including fuel-grade, high-grade, cellulosic, jet-fuel and organic solvents such as acetone and iso-butanol. The W . . read more

ADF Engineering Inc.

Alex Fishman | Manager
P: 937-847-2700 | F: 937-847-0777

ADF Engineering is a full service Engineering and Consulting firm serving the Food, Feedand Fuels industries. ADF Engineering has accumulated an impressive client list includingFortune 500TM compan . . read more

Bepex International

Jack Keeney | Executive Director of Sales & Marketing
P: 612-627-1475

Bepex is a leader in disruptive drying technologies.

We develop and deliver drying systems designed to produce a high-protein feed that exceeds your expectation for color, consistency, and . . read more

Caloris Engineering

Bruce Skinner | Sales Manager
P: 410-822-6900

A supplier of evaporation, membrane filtration and drying solutions for the food, beverage, ethanol and industrial wastewater industries.

Gas Liquids Engineering

Ian Griffin | Gas Liquids Engineering & Industry Leader in Susta
P: 403-250-2950

Founded in 1987, Gas Liquids Engineering (GLE) is a Calgary, Canada based engineering company consisting of 225 employees that provides engineering services, procurement, and construction managemen . . read more

Hengye Inc.

Mark Binns | Technical Business Director
P: 502-232-5356 | F: 832-288-4230

For industries of: bulk dehydration, refrigerant drying, dehydration of unsaturated hydrocarbons,desiccant dryers, static drying, power transformers breathers, water removal. Hengye Inc. is able to . . read more

Industrial Reps

Tom McMullen | Engineer
P: 612-819-3591

Process engineering company specializing in material handling, material processing & pollution control solutions.

Jatro Renewables, Inc.

Raj Mosali | CEO
P: 617-821-8194

Longest serving Biodiesel technology company with over 19 installations all around the world since 2003.

Our patented process technology uses Supercritical pressure and temperature to make . . read more

KFI Engineers

Tom Paitrick | Senior Project Manager
P: 651-771-0880

KFI Engineers is a recognized industry leader in process and facility infrastructure design and performance.

Managing projects end to end gives us a deep understanding of both the engineeri . . read more

Lucas E3, LLC

Aparicio Bezerra | Director of Operations
P: 554-199-1997

Project and process engineering for corn ethanol plants and animal feed.

Acting from concept, basic design, detailed design, construction supervision, training, commissioning and start-up.< . . read more

RCM Engineering-Thermal Kinetics

Marcos Filgueiras | Vice President of Business Development & Marketing
P: 716-264-4908

RCM Engineering - Thermal Kinetics is at the forefront of new techniques and technologies in separations and chemical processing, including distillation, dehydration and evaporation and has been pr . . read more

Riverside Process Engineering & Consulting LLC

John Gieseman | Principal
P: 312-208-8250

Consulting and process design firm specializing in up front project decisions and process design. Our work helps ensure an accurate basis of design that will lead to an optimized design and streaml . . read more


Vlad Dain | Partner
P: 763-587-7324

VAA is a nationally recognized engineering, planning and design firm with more than four decades of expertise and a highly specialized skill set. From bulk commodity-handling facilities to manufact . . read more

Vogelbusch USA, Inc.

Anthony Varnas | President
P: 713-461-7374 | F: 713-461-7377

Premier ethanol design company for all grades of ethanol from fuel to beverage to pharmaceutical grades, for both hydrous and anhydrous grades