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South Bend Ethanol LLC

Charles Tuskan | General Manager
P: 574-703-3362

100MMGY ethanol producer in Northern Indiana

Didion Bioscience

John Didion | CEO
P: 920-348-5868

Didion Bioscience facility produces 190- and 200-proof USP-grade alcohol suitable for home cleaning, sanitizing products, cosmetics and more. In addition to industrial alcohol, Didion Bioscience produ . . read more

Glacial Lakes Energy LLC

Marcy Kohl | Director of Communications & Coporate Affairs
P: 605-882-8480 | F: 605-882-8982

Ethanol Plant

Homeland Energy Solutions, LLC

Telly Papasimakis | President & CEO
P: 563-238-5555

Ethanol producer


Evan Beckner | Senior Trader
P: 281-445-2111

Producer of sugar cane ethanol in Brazil. Active globally in all fuel grades as well as industrial grades (Extra Neutral, Grade B, etc.). RINs and LCFS credits.

Tarmisal Kimya Teknolojleri A.S.

Ahmet Tuzun | General Manager
P: 902122333739 | F: 902122192897

Ethanol Producer

Tudor International

Grace Tudor | Sales Representative
P: 805-905-5045

Wholesale Ethanol Supplier We are plant direct and offer the best GNS USP food grade ethanol on the market. 190 proof, 200 proof, Kosher upon request, and CDA-12A (ethanol denatured with heptane).

White Energy

Christopher Hughes | Vice President of Commodities & Risk Management
P: 214-751-2569

Large Texas-based low C.I. ethanol producer located in Plainview, TX and Hereford, TX with co-products that include Distillers Corn Oil, WDGS, and DDGS.