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American Energy Enterprises Inc.

Christopher Brown | Chairman
P: 203-313-8177

American Energy Enterprises is a developing Ethanol and Biofuel Development and Production Company building distilleries in multiple locations utilizing dilute acid and cogeneration technologies al . . read more

Dexter Renewable Energy LLC

Christopher Miller | Managing Member
P: 775-338-0371

The company seeks to address the soaring domestic and international demand for Ethanol, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Bio-Diesel and other high-quality Cellulosic & Corn-based products for animal . . read more

Lufkin Energy, Inc.

Gabriel Castro | CEO/President
P: 281-229-2656

We are an energy producing company, Interested in the installation of 2 Ethanol Plants in Latin America, Using Banana Stem. We need as much information on this process and Plant Construction as possi . . read more

Rizome Bamboo

Fred Murrell | Chairman of the Board
P: 941-827-1125 | F: 941-747-8081

Bamboo feedstock provider in Philippines, India and Florida. Developing ethanol production from woody biomass, including bamboo, in Philippines, India and Florida.

Sweetwater Energy

Adam Perlo | Project Manager
P: 585-281-2326

Sweetwater Energy has developed a breakthrough technology in biorefining- breaking down wood and crop residues into readily processed carbon building blocks. Highly fermentable cellulosic sugars, m . . read more