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AB Biotek

Greg Strauss | Senior Vice President
P: 314-392-0892

AB Biotek contributes to the success of our customers through the delivery of superior technical service and fermentation expertise combined with quality yeast and technology solutions. We have com . . read more

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences

Missy Abbott | Global Communications Leader
P: 314-659-3564

By increasing yields, speeding up fermentation, reducing energy and chemical consumption, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences is helping ethanol producers meet the challenges of creating a secure re . . read more

Hydrite Chemical Co.

Judy Allen | Marketing Manager
P: 262-792-1450 | F: 262-792-8721

Hydrite® Hydri-Maize™ and Defender™ products provide solutions that solve unique challenges facing the ethanol industry. Innovative catalyzed bisulfite and peracetic acid chemistrie . . read more

Hydrite Chemical Co.

Brian McCluskey | Biofuels Sales Manager
P: 262-787-8331

Hydrite® Hydri-Maize™ and Defender™ products provide solutions that solve unique challenges facing the ethanol industry - Innovative catalyzed bisulfite chemistry helps reduce energ . . read more


Matt Strassell | Commercial Director of Bioenergy Business Operatio
P: 919-494-3000

Novozymes is an integrated solutions provider for the ethanol industry. As a trusted partner and sustainable business leader, we help plants improve their performance amid changing market condition . . read more

Phibro Ethanol Performance Group

Steve Rust | Director of Industry Relations
P: 402-297-5839

The Ethanol Performance Group (EPG) was created to have a qualified staff with the highest quality products for ethanol production. The sale of the products are then supported by a technical team & . . read more

Taurus Energy AB

Eddy Christensson | COO of the Minnesota Office
P: 9529260100

Taurus Energy AB is among the recognized world leaders in pentose fermentation technology, working in close collaboration with researchers from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg and t . . read more

Ferm Solutions

Richard Jones | Sales Manager
P: 859-583-4231

Ferm Solutions offers active dried yeast product developed for high gravity fuel ethanol fermentation of grain-based and other mashes. High temperature tolerance and ability to rapidly deplete suga . . read more

Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits

Melody Gunter | Marketing Manager
P: 404-401-8225

Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits (LBDS), based in Milwaukee, WI, is a business unit of the Canadian yeast and bacteria producer, Lallemand, Inc. LBDS has a market-leading product line, in . . read more

Xylogenics, Inc.

Josh Heyen | CEO & President
P: 317-625-3623

Xylogenics is a synthetic biology company that creates valuable, yeast to enable fermentation based production of natural products, focusing on ethanol. Xylogenics is focused on implementing our ye . . read more