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The National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center (NCERC)

P: 618-659-6736
F: 618-659-8762

Mailing Address:
400 University Park Drive
Edwardsville, IL 62052

Company Contact:
Claire Weinzierl
Communications & Outreach Specialist

The NCERC at SIUE is a nationally-recognized research center dedicated to the development of biorenewables: biofuels, biochemicals, biomaterials, and bioproducts. Since 2003, NCERC has grown with the biorenewables industry through a complete portfolio of services including project design, proof of concept, validation, and scale-up. NCERC's modular, plug-and-play facility is designed for optimum experimental flexibility and its in-house scale up capabilities, from lab to intermediate to pilot-scale, fit the needs of any project. NCERC employs leading scientists, engineers, and operators to take your project to the next level and ensures strong client confidentiality and intellectual property protection.