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AAA Save Energy, LLC

P: 847-481-8264
F: 847-376-3530

Mailing Address:
1291 Rand Road
Des Plaines, IL 60016

Company Contact:
Carl Ishito
General Manager

Don't waste your heat source - which can be heat exchanged from dryer or chimney hot gas exhaust or waste hot water of boiler blowdown or food factory's process waste water.Adsorption Heat Pump (AdHP) Chiller 10KW (36,000 BTU/hr) - 300kw (1,080,000 BTU/hr) cooling capacity can efficiently utilize this low temperature hot water - 65 degree C (149 degree F) hot water to produce 10-25 degree C (50- 77 degree F) cold water. The chillers are modulated working with supplied heat and chilling requirement automatically.1. AdHP chiller - no electricity is used in chilling mechanism. Electrical COP = 10 (10kw cooling capacity from 1 kw electricity - control, pump, recooling unit) 2. WATER is cooling media 3. No compressor is used - VERY QUIET