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P: 905-601-3492

Mailing Address:
3549 Mavis Road
Mississauga, ON L5C 1T7

Company Contact:
Christopher Belchers
President & CEO

Drystill's primary technology ("SAM1") provides low-temperature distillation and evaporation (30C). It may reduce energy consumption in production processes by 50% or more, and water consumption by as much as 80%. Moreover, it can improve product quality, avoid equipment fouling and enable the recovery of costly bio-catalysts. A second solution ("SAM4") provides a unique, energy-saving technology for converting waste flue gases in industrial chimneys, into usable steam and clean water. Typical applications are situations where there is high energy consumption; high water content; high GHG emissions; high solids content; live organisms; process sensitivity to temperature, thermal degradation and fouling.