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Verum-Analytics, LLC

P: 301-990-4050
F: 301-990-7525

Mailing Address:
18916 Bonanza Way
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Company Contact:
Daniel Matlock
Sales Manager

Manufacturer of Inline Chemical Analyzers for real-time non-destructive measurement of liquid process streams. High speed spectrometer offers determination of key quality and process parameters, chemical composition, physical properties in online, in-process, and laboratory analyzers.

Monitor process conditions in real time such as Ethanol purity, water, glucose, acetic acid, ammonia, cellulose lignin, brix and much more for optimized process control. In situ analysis of ASTM D4806 and other ASTM methods in seconds enables ethanol process monitoring and process improvement.

Suitable for classified industrial environments and probes for any chemical stream. Verum's Process systems will bring your process conditions to light.