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P: 012861220

Mailing Address:
I.D.A. Business Park
Southern Cross Road
Bray, Co. Wickow

Company Contact:
Edel Woods

Megazyme is a global leader in analytical reagents, enzymes and assay kits. Our products simplify the measurement of analytes including acids, enzymes, polysaccharides and sugars. Key applications in biofuels include characterisation of biomass inputs, real-time monitoring of biomass degradation, and quantification of outputs such as ethanol and DDGS. Megazyme’s analytical products allow biorefineries to measure starch, fructan, arabinoxylan, b-glucan and phytic acid/phosphate in both inputs and outputs. We offer best-in-class service and support, including technical advice straight from our researchers and expedited delivery to 220 countries worldwide.