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Luoyang Jalon Micro-nano New Materials Co., Ltd.

P: 8618638895089

Mailing Address:
Junmin Road, Industrial Cluster District
LuoYang, Henan

Company Contact:
Steven Zhao

Your Reliable Expert in Molecular Sieve as a leading molecular sieve manufacturing, JALON has built its reputation by fully understanding needs of market and clients, providing customized solutions for various applications, and helping our clients to achieve business success with constant service and high-performance products at competitive prices with the capacity of 15000T/year of molecular sieve,40000T/year of synthetic zeolite powder and 5000T/year of activated alumina. With top-rank technology support ( 50 senior engineers research team), certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, OHASA 18001, REACH, Rosh, and D-U-N-S Number 545133949. Currently we supply molecular sieve desiccants to Europe, US, Japan, Mexico, etc. for many years.