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Petron Scientech, Inc.

P: 610-554-1056

Mailing Address:
3 Mapleton Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

Company Contact:
Frank Liotta
Executive Vice President & COO

For 30 years Petron has been developing and licensing commercially proven technology for the conversion of ethanol into renewable chemicals, ethylene, ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol. Through its STC subsidiary (, Petron added the cellulosic ethanol technology developed by DuPont to its offerings. Petron provides process design and engineering services. Petron together with its engineering partner, Technoedif Engenharia ( based in Lisbon, have a team of experienced engineers providing EPCM services for biorefineries and chemical industries globally. Petron maintains a strong partner network allowing it to provide additional technologies, including renewable jet fuel & ethanol production.