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Xylome Corporation

P: 805-603-9736

Mailing Address:
University Research Park
510 Charmany Drive, Labs 61-62
Madison, WI 53719

Company Contact:
Tom Kelleher

XYLOME'S unique BIOTECHNOLOGIES can produce enzymes, oils, biochemicals and other industrial products using the fermentation of agricultural by-products. ----------------------XYLOME uses non-conventional yeasts to make pharmaceutical formulations, foods, personal care products and biofuels (e.g. BIODIESEL). Call for a free consultation or to just chat at 805-603-9736, or visit XYLOME'S webpage or Linkedin page for more information about our products and capabilities.------------------------XYLOME is a certified investment company in Wisconsin and we work with strategic partners, investors and clients to meet their needs. RENEWING TOMORROW TODAY is our mission