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P: 61294201244

Mailing Address:
Lane Cove Business Park
16 Mars Road, Unit E2
Lane Cove, NSW

Company Contact:
Geoffrey Bell

MicroBioGen develops superior yeast biocatalysts for a wide range of industrial applications, including bioethanol production. Already proven in Gen 1 biofuels with our partner Novozymes, our unique platform technology is highly customisable. We offer non-GM and GM options, and our platform technology can be applied to human food, animal feed, probiotics, biochemicals and even space exploration to name a few. Recently, we successfully completed an Australian Government funded Gen 2 biocatalyst optimisation project to facilitate the conversion of ethanol plants to fuel-and-food biorefineries. If you are looking to collaborate with a fast-growing biotechnology company focused on continually improving our yeast products, contact us today.